My wife is dishonest and a habitual lier

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Hello sir,
My problem is my wife, she is a habitual lier, she is a very dishonest person, for example she usually fake sicknesses so that she get sympathy, she sometimes wake me up at nyt saying she is not feeling good, the next minute she will be ok, I have warned about that behaviour coz one day she will be seriously sick and will ignore thinking she is lying, and money issues, if you give her money to keep, she uses the money and tell stories when you ask it back, if she find money in my pockets she never return it, it started when we were dating and I ignored it because I was blinded by love, now we have 3 kids and every cent counts. I am very pained that the person I should entrust with my money is untrustworthy, and the other thing if she want me to do something for her buy me this or that ) she will nag the whole nyt,

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