I dont have feelings for my husband anymore

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Pls Sir Post For Me and hide My Id And Notify Me When U Have Posted. Am 28yrs And My Husband Is 33yrs, our married is  For 4yrs With 2kids. I Don’t Have Feelings For My Husband Any More. He Is A Good Person And I Love Him Very Much. What I Don’t Know Is Why I Can’t Feel Him At All When We Are Making Love. I Used To Have Strong Feeling For Him Before But Now I Feel Nothing.He Has Never Changed In Any Way. What Pains Me Most Is That He Knows About It And He Is Complaining Bitterly. He Is The Only Man I Have Ever Loved. What I Don’t Know Is Why This Is Happening To Me. Pls I Need Solutions And Advice Before I Loose My Husband.Thanks

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Joe is a motivational speaker and a marriage counselor. A father, a husband, a friend and also a good company to be with.


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