My husband never picks up any responsibility in the house

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I married since 2007 I love my hubby and he is not educated but I love him, after  our first child he started changing in character we have 3 kids now but he never asked how much is their school fees ,he never asked how much is the house rent or feeding for 11years now if I asked him please help me he will say he doesnt have money because his business is not moving well then. I have to open a business  with 800thousand naira first after 1year for him. He still doesn’t pay school fees or house rent and he close the business , the second business too the same thing happened, no school fees no rent I have opened business more than 5 times still the same thing but now the last one is that I borrowed money from my office to build a house we are staying, so my salary is not enough to pay school fees and feeding I used my last salary to open another business and ask him to be feeding us from there but his still complaining that no, that I should give him sometimes to settle before bringing money from the business which I did for two years now still noting is coming out, am still managing but my problem now is all this while some time, he will stay like 6months with out torching me as a woman sometimes 3months if you ask him why he will say that because he doesn’t have money, since January he refused to touch me as in to sleep with me if he is inside the room and I enter inside, he will go out if I come out he will go inside even the mother, sisters, brothers uncles every body have called him to ask why. instead of answering them he said I should stop talking to them that all of them are bad. he even stopped going to see his people since 5yeas now because of that,

my family called him to ask him why he even said that he will not come to there place again and he can’t communicate with them again, but 3months ago I met one man not married he showered me with love even love my children but he has no job but educated he is asking me to marry him am confused. I want to leave him please I need advice.



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