Don’t you think its time for me to die

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Plz your take to this Am 52 years old. I have 4 girls. My oldest daughter is 25years. The closeness btw her and her daddy is extremely too much. But I didn’t bother myself because he is her father. Recently, I noticed a little change in her character. She insults the father so much that people started saying she lacks respect. I now asked her to sit down to know why she has been that way with her father. She only said she can never respect him. I had to beat her so much that day to the point that she started laying curses on her father, which made me used a belt to design all her body. She now ran out of the house. For 2 weeks now, we have been looking for her until a friend of hers called me to say my daughter is pregnant. I was so shocked because I raised this girl well, even with prayers. So, I pleaded to talk to her on phone and I got the most shocking news of my life. She said her father, my husband, is responsible for the pregnancy. That he deflowered her when she was 18 years old and he is the only man she knows. I told my family and his, and he denied it. My daughter has refused to come back and she is pregnant. Don’t u think the time have come for me to die??? Pls, advice me as your sister. I beg for your advice. This whole matter is killing me .

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