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Even if your wife is wrong, you must
defend her in the presence of your friends
and correct her in secret. Immature people
disgrace their wives in public.
Even if your wife has an issue with your
family or your family has an issue with your
wife. As a mature man, you must find a
way to resolve them, because your family
needs your wife and your wife needs your
family, for the sake of your children.
Another kind of husband is a wife
husband, the husband doesn’t have a mind
of his own, the wife detect for the husband.
Wife husbands are those who cannot
manage their homes, the wife does the
management, they say words like, my wife
prays more than me, as a husband, your
wife shouldn’t pray more than you, even if
you are not available, you can give a prayer
topic. Wife husbands are those who make
sure, their wife family look good but their
family look horrible.
Another kind of husband is money
husband, he believes everything related to
money, he doesn’t care, all he knows is
money money money but money cannot
replace the place of care. Even if someone
doesn’t truly like you, he will take your
money and do whatever he wants to do to
Married men should know that, every
woman wants to be appreciated and so
when your wife changes her hair or dress
nicely, appreciate her. When your wife cook
for you, don’t say thank you Jesus, my
question is that, was it Jesus who cooked
for you? Compliment your wife.
As a man you must put your children in
the school you can afford. Don’t put your
children in some expensive school because
your next door neighbor has his children in
• You must be a man, a woman will miss.
There are different kinds of husbands.
One of them is called baby husbands, they
always allow their mother to dictate for
them, my mother said this and my mother
said that, my mother did it this way etc, baby
husbands please grow to become mature
ones. We are not saying, don’t regard your
mother but let your mum know her limit in
your marriage.
God gave you sense, so that you can rest.
Remember the labor of your wife, when
you were poor so  honor her when you become
As a married man, your family members/
friends suppose not to know the weakness
of your wife. Hide your wife weaknesses.
Honor your father in law and your mother
in law, so that their daughter will not run to
Do not insult your wife in public, so that
people won’t know your foolishness.
Forgive your wife 70× over in one day.
• Marriage is work and not luck.
Another kind of husband is sex
husbands, they don’t smile until it’s
midnight. If you treat your wife as a dog,
She will bite you.
You will not know the benefit of a good
woman, until you ask your friend how the
bad one is doing to him.
Every woman likes to talk, there is no
woman who doesn’t like talking, if she is
not talking, it means she is not interested in
the topic, not that she doesn’t like talking.
How did you get your wife?you talked, how
can you maintain your wife, keep talking.
Medical science have told us, there is a
component in a man that can make him
release one thousand words in a day, whilst
a woman can release five thousand words
in a day. So if you are a man and your
woman decides to talk and you say is OK is
OK, and she releases only one thousand,
know that, she is carrying extra four
thousand in addition to five thousand
words tomorrow. Allow your wife to talk
and develop a habit to listen.
It’s not the school your children attend
that is what matters, it’s the training they
get at home. They only spend few hours in
school, but spend longer hours at home. If
you cannot afford a boarding house for
your kids, ask for the grace to train them at
home and they will come out as stars.
develop yourself, you will become the best in
your generation.

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