Discover something unique about you that makes you irreplaceable

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Be you a boy or girl,you can be easily replaced in a relationship until you are able to discover something about you that makes you unique and different from the rest of girls or guys.

It is that one unique quality that makes him or her to come back begging for forgiveness and asking for a second chance.

You give her money,another guy can do that or she makes one for herself.

You give her good sex,another man can do that or she can satisfy herself with a dildo.

You give him sex? A prostitute can do that for him professionally. You cook for him? Another girl can cook better than you or a restaurant will take care of him.

I want to ask: what is that thing you can do for him or her that makes you irreplaceable?

If you haven’t discovered that,there are chances that you may be replaced.

It is your distinct value that keeps you relevant in the life od someone you love or someone that loves you.

Learn to be very creative actor or actress in your relationship,trying to play every role perfectly than being a monotonous boring guy or girl that focuses on just one side of his or her life and neglect other wonderful parts.

The shocker is that, that part of your life you left undeveloped or underdeveloped might have been what would have saved your relationship for good.

Stop being boring,stop being a robot. Thank you

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