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My friend, don’t get married for the wrong reasons. Don’t get married because you think it will save your relationship, Don’t get married because you have a child together. Don’t get married because people are pressuring you to. Don’t get married just because your friends got married. Don’t get married just because you’ve been together for a long time.

My friend, marriage will change the title but not the person. It will change the status but it won’t erase the problems. The “I dos” is not going to erase the issues you have in your relationship.

My friend, marriage, the rings the proposals, the weddings is not a cure for a failing relationship, Is just an anasticia to it. Ounce the excitement wears off, the disappointment begins because nothing has changed except the last name.

My friend, don’t let the wrong reasons force you into a relationship or marriage. Don’t force someone to be your wife when you know she’s not ready to be one, don’t force someone to be a husband when you know he’s not ready to be one. Forced marriages always ends in failure.

My friend, I am not saying that marriage is a bad thing, Marriage is a great thing, there’s nothing wrong with marriage but getting married for the wrong reason is  a dysfunctional relationship and can never turn to a good relationship unless you put up some work to make it work…

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Joe is a motivational speaker and a marriage counselor. A father, a husband, a friend and also a good company to be with.

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