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morning uncle joe,,,pls post for me and hide my id
Am 28years and d father of my 3 kids is 31 years, we met in year 2012 but l mistakenly got pregnant for him in the yr 2013 l told him and he accepted d pregnancy,,but he had a fiance before i met him but due to my pregnancy he cut d relationship off with her. Since then, he as been promising me dat he will pay my bride price which he hasn’t payed till now after three kids…Since all dis while, dis guy has totally changed he use to beat me in d presence of our kids when ever he is angry, he maltreats me badly, never gives me money and he doesn’t allow me to work,he doesn’t take care of me but he doesn’t neglect his kids bcuz he love his kids, now l use to see him chatting with his ex and another woman he do call his ex once in a while. He told me dat he can not marry me now dat i shld look for a job. Whenever i cook, he doesn’t eat and he doesn’t sex me anymore..but he use to buy food in d house. Due to frustration, i went to police station to report him last week when we fought and he beats me in front of his mum bcuz his family and my sister knows everything dats is going on. Though, his parent keep talking to him but he doesn’t listen to advice.. I’m an orphan right now and am now nursing a 4month old baby which is our third born pls dis guy doesn’t respect me..No love,no care am fed up with his character…Pls house what can l do no insult thanks…. pls notify me when posted thanx…

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