Women, many of us are the reasons other women are going through hell in their marriages

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Women, many of us are the reason other women are going through hell in their marriages. You want to be celebrated in your own marriage but won’t allow your brother’s wife some peace.

You push your brothers into treating their wives badly, you’re happy when they fight, you’re happy when she cries, you’re happy when she’s heart broken, you advice your brothers to cheat, you lie against her just for your brother to hate her, you even advice your brothers to beat up their wives.

Just because she’s married into your family, she becomes a non living thing, you think you’re doing her a favour, so she should be grateful and accept anything from your family, her feelings are not regarded, you want your brother to prefer you to her, you want your brother to kick her one side when it comes to his family, she’s a slave, so she has to serve everyone without complaint and shouldn’t get tired cause she’s a machine you people bought, No one respects her cause you people just saved her from being single all her life, you blame her for everything, even characters that have been with your brother since you knew him, you say it’s because of his wife.

You are angry and bitter if your brother loves his wife but if you husband loves you there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. You don’t want to understand that having a family is having a huge responsibility, so anytime you ask your brother for something and he can’t provide it, you say it’s his wife, he used to give a lot when he was single, forgetting that he has to now buy diapers every week, milk, cereal, clothes, school fees, medicine, rent for a bigger apartment, Etc. But when it’s with your husband you understand perfectly that you both have got a lot to be responsible for.

You complain he just got his wife a car, but you asked him for money and he says he doesn’t have, forgetting that his wife is him and he’s her, what ever he buys for himself with his money is not your business, forgetting that his wife needs that car to take the children to school everyday because he probably runs late everyday trying to drop them off before going to work.

You want to marry your husband in peace and don’t want your brother’s wife to have her peace in her own home, you lie! What ever you do will come to back to you in hundred folds unless you repent. We should stop hating on our fellow women, we should love and protect each other, make your brother treat his wife the way you want to be treated in your marriage. The truth is the wife is more important than any of your family members, leave the homes of your brothers and face your lives.

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Joe is a motivational speaker and a marriage counselor. A father, a husband, a friend and also a good company to be with.

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