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Is it alright or corrupt to date an underage young lady/kid?

Is it right to date an under age?
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Is it right to date an under age?

Is it right to date an under age?


Just like national Assembly’s “you are not too young to run” my dear you’re not too young to date too…

Is it by age…  The real deal is the person you want to date, been in the right relationship.. You can be old, be in a wrong relationship, be young, and be in the right one.  Just make sure you trust the person you want to share your heart it.

If It Was Wrong, We would not feel a Thing until we are 18 So Ion Think it’s Wrong…As Long As you Love the Person Not Just Being Infatuated or Obsessed with the Person, As Long As Lust Isn’t involved.. My Dear, It is Not Wrong.




The question is that can you handle heartbreak?

Last year, a University Of Benin aspirant committed suicide because her boyfriend dumped her. She was below 18 too.

The truth is that you will not be able to handle heartbreak, so why will you venture into something that will surely harm your emotions eternally?

Also,  dating should not be your priority for now, there are many things you can think about, work toward your future, do not work against your future.


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Well, back in the days, when people engage in a romantic relationship… It is always for just one reason, which is that both parties are preparing to get married. But nowadays relationships are for fun…people engage in relationship for different reason, from finding a shoulder to lean on, to sexual satisfaction and financial support and some engage in it so as to be experienced in that aspect, but whenever you’re faced with the dilemma of not knowing whether to go in a relationship or not you just got to ask yourself, is this relationship what you really need right now. Few months from now after accepting the relationship would I be a better person? Would this fellow be adding value to me, sometimes the problem is not our decision.


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Final Thoughts on Is it alright or corrupt to date an underage young lady/kid?

The problem is how and when we make those decisions. Stay away from things that dis-value you, weigh the pros and cons of a decision before making it, that way you’ll surely have answers to the hardest of questions about the right thing to do


Here at Growinluv we think the right age to date is when you’re ready for marriage the essence of dating is to prepare someone for marriage but in our world we tend to date for the fun of it like me I felt the best time to date was after secondary school but with time I have come to realize that the older you get the better your decisions regarding this things becomes, the question now is what’s your reason for dating this person’s you’re with?


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