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I Gave My Boyfriend N7million, Done plenty Of Abortions For Him, And currently He wants To Marry Another woman (What Should I Do?)

sad young lady duped 7 million naira
Written by Titus
sad young lady duped 7 million naira

Black sad young lady


I am a very shy character and a very private person. My boyfriend added me to Growinluv relationship segment, and we are each addicted but he made me make him a promise by no means to carry out rely right here for any reason, but I am about to wreck that promise because I need help.



I have dated him for 6 years, 3 abortions and borrowed him 7 million naira all he has no longer accounted for. The ultimate job I acquired for him with my dad’s contact I don’t comprehend the drama that befell between him and a team of workers and he got fired, I had to supply him cash to begin a business.


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He has engaged me already however I am getting uncomfortable. What got me worried used to be final night time when I informed him I used to be pregnant once more and he asked me to abort it, I was so upset and he said that if he takes me to his dad and mom with Pregnancy they will see me as a slut.


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I refused bluntly this time and he insisted by means of saying if I preserve the toddler he will dump me and marry every other person and he swore on his life.

Leaving him is not the issue, the issue, how do I get my money back. Over 7 million naira. I don’t have a salary, we do joint account and I can’t even brag of 50k of my own. I understand he will read this message, so I prefer humans to judge this matter. As for the baby I will keep it, but am scared of being a single mum.



Please What Should I Do?

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