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Women are not good at cheating at their partners, before a woman cheats on her lover, she might have complained severally and been ignored severally, cried many nights but ignored, women are like kids she can’t be crying for orange and you will give her mango.
but let me go straight to most of the things that can cause a woman to cheat on her husband
1. Most Women cheat to get back at their husband’s adulterous lifestyle.
2. Lack of affection
3. Lack of financial support
4 lack of sexual satisfaction or may be ignored by a partner.
I have heard of some women who have cried for about 10 years now, whose husbands has been neglecting them sexuallly.
Two reasons dominate the other and that is sexual satisfactions and financial support. A woman need to be cared for, cuddled, trimmed, proded and appreciated.
The moment you start ignoring her she will start  complaining at the right time unlike men who would keep their annoyance in their heart.
If you do it for financial gain do not give your kids whatever you got from it, if you do, then you have sown such to be repeated 10 times in your family because there is an interconnectivity to what you have doing, the money( financial benefit from it) and the life of that child.
I Therefore, call on the men never to ignore their wife’s sexual need or cheating on their wives because it  has a way of destroying and compelling a woman to do what they never thought they would.

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