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sexual orientation
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sexual orientation

sexual orientation



In a simply term,sexual orientation is a strong inner sexual belief that is firmly held by someone due to exposure to religion,tradition or experience.

So many people have made more enemies through sexual disagreement more than any other activities in the world.

Not every individual you see is as human as you are,even though he or she has the same physiological features like you.

There are people who inherited there sexual orientation by birth,i.e.,no matter how hard they try,they can’t control their sexual urge because of a hereditary sexual hormonal problems. Science will say they have medical sexual issues and can be healed through drugs,while religion will say they are possessed and so,need deliverance or ritual cleansing.

There are ones that hated sex with men because they were raped or sexually molested by men at a tender stage.

There are ones whom sex is fun to and so,they can’t just stick to one man or woman,boy or girl. We call them sexual liberals.

There are ones with religious perspective of sex who see it as a highly sacred thing and so,to them,cheating,adultery or fornication is a no-no for them. We call them sexual fanatics.

There are ones that prefer doing it with animals.

There are ones that became gays either through wired nature of their body or because they were constantly exposed to their fellow men. You find them more in the army or other government forces,entertainment or religious people.

There are ones who are lesbians either from sexual adventure or from being exposed to their fellow ladies often.

Some became gays or lesbians because of wrong orientation they were giving by their parents.

Some are bisexuals,i.e.,they are attracted to both male and female,and to them,they can’t help it. Even if the society frowns at it,they do it secretly.

Some are pedophiles,i.e.,they see themselves attracted to younger girls or boys,and easily lose control,that’s why they are involved in one sexual scandal or the other.

There are ones that are in love with their body,i.e.,they masturbate daily or weekly,use dildo to penetrate themselves,get sexually satisfied and ignore both boys and girls nor hardly in or last in a relationship.

There are ones that get attracted to either old or young men or women;the list is endless.

The issue of sex has caused so much problems in the society and relationship today.

Note this: The greatest force to quench is the force associated to the sexual desires and adventure of the flesh.

Your body without control,reasoningand discipline can’t be different from goats,dogs,rats and sheep;it is what and how you want it to be that it will be.

Also,don’t force your sexual orientation or belief on someone else,especially if you know the society you operate in.

Sincerely,without constitutional laws and traditional norms and values,human kingdom would have been animal kingdom because human flesh always wants to venture into unknown territories to explore new things.

Finally,don’t hate people because of their sexual orientation. Treat them better,and they may see why your own sexual orientation is better,especially if it is religious and beneficial to their health,and equally fetches them money.

If you hate people because of their sexual experience,exposure,belief or orientation,you are already an enemy,especially when they didn’t force you to join them. If you love them,they can easily change,especially when your own belief is stronger than theirs.


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