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How To Make A Girl Smile And Love Hanging Out With You?

Girl smiling

How to make a girl smile


There’s nothing sexy like seeing a happy girl. Damn, happiness

looks amazing on a girl. Especially if a guy has something to do

with it. There’s that extra glow when a girl loves being around her

special somebody. Don’t get me wrong a girl can also be happy on

her own but it’s more noticeable when she has a partner to share

that true happiness with all day everyday. The aim is to spread

unconditional love not hate. As guy there are certain things that you

need to do to keep a girl happy within your life.

Simple things like calling her weekly to check up on her. Having

those fruitful conversations on the phone while cracking up jokes

here and there within the call. Many girls love morning texts, here’s

an example: “Good morning beautiful, hope you slept well. I hope

you have a great productive day. Take care and God bless.”

Compliments works often than not, just shower her with

compliments while you maintaining eye contact with her and smile

while talking to her. Also making sure that you as a guy you

constantly keep the communication on a high, if you can’t call or

text her, leave an offline message on her social network. You can

even leave a different meaningful or romantic message on all her Social media platforms. The thing is as a guy you must not stop being sweet, caring, kind, thoughtful, respectful and showing unconditional love to a girl. What you can also do is when you in the garden pick a beautiful flower and give her when you see her. Even when you going to buy some groceries you can buy chocolate for her.


When she asks is this for me or why you being so good to me?

Say to her, you deserve the best things in life. When I see certain

best things in life, I automatically think of you.

Make a girl feel like the only girl in the world. All of this is strictly

achieved by being there for her when she needs a shoulder to cry as

well as in good times. Spend some quality time with her and try by

all means to make her one of your top priorities in life. Show a lot of

gratitude towards her and make her feel your presence. Most

importantly listen before you talk to her. Get to know her as well as

her favourites things she loves to do on her spare time and do it

with her. It’s great to have someone to count on as a human being

and a girl will cherish your efforts for life.

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